Poster Sessions


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P 1 Using social stories to reduce appointment-related anxiety in children Courtney Kasin
Riley Kasin
P 2 The Use of Musical Stimuli with Vocals to Obtain Speech Detection Thresholds Anne Fitzpatrick
Janet Koehnke
Maryrose McInerney
Joan Besing
P 3 Behavioral Hearing Assessments & Children with Developmental Delays Andrea Gatlin
Dani Stern
Deborah Mood
P 4 Audiologic Management for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Meredith Braza
Katherine Lynch
Krystina Schultz
Derek Stiles
Amanda Griffin
P 5 Estimating the prevalence of genetic testing among children who are deaf or hard of hearing using MarketScan claims data Sana Charania
Scott Grosse
Kelly Dundon
Stuart Shapira
P 6 Exploring Barriers of Early Pediatric Cochlear Implantation Sameer Pootheri
Jeeshna K
Ananya Ponparachalil
P 7 Audiological Profiles of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Emily Roznowski
Jon Douglas
Hannah Smith
Wendy Marchant
Sara Misurelli
Viji Easwar
P 8 Defining care pathways for infants with risk factors for late-onset/progressive hearing loss. Kaitlyn Caceres
Joscelyn Martin
Shelagh Cofer
Jane Brumbaugh
Gayla L. Poling
P 9 Readability and Quality of Pediatric Diagnostic Audiology Reports Elizabeth Walker
Allison Buerschen
Caitlin Sapp
P 10 Impact of Covid-19 on Newborn Screening Follow-up in Rhode Island Ellen Amore
P 11 Hearing Screening Methods and Outcomes for Infants Born to COVID-Positive Mothers at a Large Academic Medical Center Brittany Day
Erin Picou
Anne Marie Tharpe
P 12 Exploring the Intersectionality of Autism, Deafness, and Bilingualism: A Case Study on Implementation of Best Practices in Early Intervention Karen Lange
P 13 Myths, Misconceptions, and Barrier-Busting: Encouraging Providers to Optimize AAC Systems for Children with Complex Communication Needs Erin Shannon
Rachel Brewer
P 14 Virtual “Hear” 2 Talk Program: Achieving Optimal Spoken Language Outcomes by Increasing Parent Self-Efficacy and Collaborative Practice in a Family-Centered approach Gillian Lalonde
Maria Emilia (Mila) de Melo
P 15 Intervention Mapping as a Public Health Approach to Address Lost to Intervention Torri Ann Woodruff-Gautherin
Kathleen Cienkowski
P 16 Consideration of a Targeted Cytomegalovirus Screening for Infants who Fail Newborn Hearing Screening. Grace Haines-Gallagher
Lata Krishnan
P 17 Impact of Face Masks on Audiovisual Word Recognition in Young Children with Hearing Loss During the Covid-19 Pandemic Jody Caldwell-Kurtzman
Erin Lipps
Lina Motlagh-Zadeh
Chelsea Blankenship
David Moore
Lisa Hunter
P 18 Integrating Vocabulary Targets Throughout the School Day Diana Dehler
Megan Gerlach
P 20 Walk through our 5 year plan: How ASD plans to support the CT EHDI goals. Stephanie McClellan
P 21 When Average Isn't Enough: Morphemic Capacity in Toddlers With Hearing Loss Kameron Carden
P 23 Partnership Project: Late Identification Sara Kennedy
Kristin Uhler
P 24 PHASE UP (Preschool Hearing And Speech Education - University of Pittsburgh): Comparison of Preschool Hearing Screening Protocols Katie Vellody
Dr. Nicole Corbin
Elizabeth Larget
Emily Miller
Xin Zhuang
P 25 Preschool Hearing and Speech Education – University of Pittsburgh (PHASE-UP) Dr. Nicole Corbin
Katie Vellody
Elizabeth Larget
Emily Miller
Xin Zhuang
P 27 Social Identity and Grief in Mothers With Cochlear Implants Following the Birth of a Baby with Hearing Loss Kameron Carden
P 28 Perspectives: Idaho Audiology and the Deaf Community Mary Whitaker
Rebecca Sieruga
P 29 Parent Perceptions on the Effect of COVID-19 on Pediatric Speech and Hearing Services Sarah Allen
Charia Hall
P 30 What I Want My Teacher To Know About My Hearing Loss Nicole Jacobson
Jamie Pearce
P 31 Family Engagement with d/Dhh Multilingual families Sandy Bowen
P 32 Ensuring Success in Extra-Curricular Activities Marianne Huish
Teena Young
Jackie Hendricksen
P 33 Hear to Learn: Parent Perspectives on Hearing Technology Samantha Snow
Taylor Enochson
Taylor King
Kali Markle
Gabriel Bargen
Karen Munoz
P 34 The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation State Liaison Program - You Can Do It Too! Penni Echols
P 35 Is My Baby On Track? A retrospective analysis of newborn hearing screening results and follow up within the well-baby population. Emily Trittschuh
Ali Marquess
P 36 How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the timeliness of hearing screening follow-up in Louisiana? Tri Tran
Danielle Mercer
Susannah Boudreaux
Terri Ibieta
P 37 Pivoting in a Pandemic: Just-In-Time EHDI Supports Sarah Wainscott
Yuliana Trujillo
P 38 Philly Cheesesteak and Trenton Tomato Pie: A Collaborative Approach to Hearing Healthcare Between the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Audiology Department and the New Jersey EHDI Program Erin Cipriano
Nancy Schneider
P 39 Beginning to Pave the Way in Illinois to Address Infant Hearing Health Disparities Gabrielle Bires
Mary-Ann Chanase
Ginger Mullin
P 40 Laying the Foundation for the New Jersey Deaf Mentor Program (NJDMP) Pamela Aasen
Alyssa Buchholz
Nancy Schneider
P 41 The Birth to Three: Speech, Language, and Communication Assessment Ashley Irick
Jestina Bunch
Autumn Sanderson
P 42 Cultural Considerations when Working with Preterm Children Lauren Prather
P 43 "Get it Write": The Use of Written Language to Facilitate Literacy Development in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Melinda Thacker
Haley Manwaring Nykamp
Brooke Griffith Evans
Allison Voss
P 44 Vocabulary Outcomes for 5-Year-Old Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Impact of Age at Enrollment in Specialized Intervention Amanda Rudge
Jennifer Coto
Mona Oster
Betsy Moog Brooks
Uma Soman
Ronda Rufsvold
Ivette Cejas
P 45 Pandemic-related Changes to Language Environment and Development for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children Molly Cooke
Carrie Davenport
Yuanyuan Wang
Derek Houston
P 46 Preparing Speech-Language Pathology Students to Analyze Language Samples of Preschool Children who are DHH Kristina Blaiser
Daphne Darling
Lydia Webb
P 47 A Continuum of Support Services for Children with Hearing Loss in a Co-Enrollment Setting Sarabeth Fly
P 49 The Relation Between Spoken Vocabulary Acquisition and Frequency of At-Home Retrieval Practice in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Jennifer Trueblood
P 50 A Hybrid Habilitation Model: Combining Music with Cross-lateral Movements in Young Children with Hearing Loss Cassie Riding
Sarah Law
Elizabeth Parker
P 51 Developmental Stuttering in Preschool Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: A Systematic Review Tonia Davis
Aishah Patterson
P 52 Ten Teaching Times Without Toys Jeanette Smoot
Sharon Fairbourn
P 53 Learning ASL as a late second language depends on the strength of the first language foundation Kaj Kraus
Deanna Gagne
P 54 Attachment Development and Communication Disorders: A Brief Overview for Therapists and Early Interventionist Hollea Ryan
Karen Thatcher
P 55 Provider- and Family-Reported Teletherapy Realities during the COVID-19 Pandemic Melissa Ho
Chiara Scarpelli
P 56 Improving Identification of Children at Risk for Deafblindness in the Minnesota EHDI system through EHR Chart Abstraction Darcia Dierking
Venessa Heiland
Melinda Marsolek
P 57 The Impact of COVID19 on the Adherence to Infant’s Hearing Follow-up Recommendations in New York State Zahra Alaali
Lauren Miller
P 58 Surveying Families on Their Experiences from Screening to Diagnosis and Beyond: A Quality Improvement Activity Annette Callies
Karen Heath
P 59 Florida EHDI and IDEA, Part C Quality Improvement Collaboration Kimberly Porter
Ericka Horne
P 60 Assessing EHDI Healthcare Professional Needs in New Jersey: Response to the HRSA Needs Assessment Ariel Meltzer
P 61 An Evaluation of Newborn Hearing Screening Brochures and Parental Understanding of Screening Result Terminology Sarah McAlexander
P 61 Promoting Language Development to Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing Within the Foster Care System Emily Miner
P 62 Small Town Practice: The Benefits and Risks of Being an Insider Allison Heideman
P 63 Personal Narratives in Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities (LEND) Audiology Supplement Seminar at the University of Connecticut Torri Ann Woodruff-Gautherin
Kathleen Cienkowski
P 64 Congenital Cytomegalovirus Screening in North Carolina: Current State and Future Directions Tess Clark
Hannah Gray
Selena Marcum
Olivia Zimmerman
Hannah Siburt
Jackson Roush
P 65 Benefits of Family-Centered Intervention in Children with CHARGE Madeleine Mayer
P 66 AAC for DHH Children with Complex Communication Needs Jessica Griffith
P 67 Children at Risk for Fluctuating Hearing Loss Payton Thompson
P 68 Implementing Visual Supports to Aid in the Audiologic Evaluation of Children with Developmental Disabilities Deborah Mood
Riley Corcoran
Andrea Gatlin
Alyssa Schoenborn
Emily Nightengale
P 69 Exploring Factors to Close the Research-to-Practice Gap in Deaf Education Brynne Powell
P 70 Co-Occurrence of Hearing Loss and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Delays in Identification and Lack of Access to Care/Services Samantha Espinal
Holly Duncan
Sarah Ellis
Amy Gaskin
P 71 Review of a Large Hearing, Vision, and Speech Screening Program for Young Children Jamie Koch
P 72 Virtual Resources Created to Enhance Family-Centered Care for Families Navigating Childhood Hearing Loss and Hearing Technology Erin Kaufmann
Nicolette Dome
Alison Grimes
Melanie Fruhner
Eun Kyung Jeon
Amanda Tyree
Alexis Deavenport-Saman
Douglas Vanderbilt
P 73 Autism and Hearing Loss: Getting More Out of Your Audiology Report Kaley Ellis
Sandra Gabbard