Saturday, March 7th
     Pacific Rim EHDI Programs (by invitation only)

Sunday, March 8th

Wednesday, March 11th
     State EHDI Coordinator Meeting

This workshop will provide up-to-date information about Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder based on the latest research and clinical practice. In cooperation with the Daniels Fund and The Children’s Hospital, the sponsors of the National EHDI Meeting have arranged for this special pre-session to be available to participants at the EHDI meeting for only $75 in addition to the EHDI Meeting registration. Participants will receive a professionally-published monograph which includes the complete guidelines from the Lake Como Consensus Development Conference held in June 2008, as well as summary papers prepared by the speakers at that conference (Yvonne Sininger, Arnold Starr, Christine Petit, Gary Rance, Barbara Cone, Kai Uus, Patricia Roush, Jon Shallop, Saaid Safieddine, and Charles Berlin)