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Using I.T. Applications for Games, Shopping, and EHDI??? - Can this really help my program?

Presented by CDC

While much progress has been made in identifying infants with hearing loss a large number of infants may still not receive recommended follow-up services. As a result, many programs are looking for ways to further refine their EHDI Information Systems (EHDI-IS) in order to ensure all infants receive services. Recent advances in informatics can enhance EHDI programs by offering novel solutions that can benefit infants, families, providers, and other stakeholders. The same advances that have given rise to a wave of applications for anything from online games to shopping may offer EHDI programs innovative tools to help ensure all infants receive recommended follow-up services.

This session will present an overview of what is possible, why these advances are relevant and how programs can leverage advances in informatics to enhance their program and EHDI-IS. Potential enhancements include new ways to improve how data are exchanged, analyzed and presented, increase the accessibility of information for providers and families, and provide decision support for those charged with the care and treatment of children identified with hearing loss. This information will assist EHDI programs identify what innovations are available and how their program can realistically develop and implement current and future informatics solutions.