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Directions to the Omni Hotel at CNN Center via MARTA

The entrance to the Airport MARTA station is located next to baggage claim at the airport.

Once you enter the MARTA station, you will need to buy a MARTA Breeze card to use the train. Ask the station attendant to help you get your MARTA Breeze Card. I would recommend buying a round-trip card (so you won't have to buy one for your return trip).

Once you have your Breeze card, walk up to the turnstiles and place your breeze card on the blue "Breeze" indicator - the gates will open. Take the escalator up.

Board a train when it arrives - All trains will be going in the direction you need to go. At Five Points Station, exit the train. (about eight stations north of the Airport)

Look for signs directing you to the Westbound train. (You will have to take an escalator up to get to it). Board the Westbound train and travel one stop to Omni/Dome/CNN/GWCC Station. Exit the train and take two escalators back up to ground level.

Walk up the stairs on your right - the Philips Arena is now on your left. Walk down the stairs ahead of you, and then walk through the doors ahead. You are now inside CNN Center.

Walk straight, through the food court, past Wendy's, Chick-fil-A, until the food court ends. Make a left and take the escalator up.


North-South Rail Line Map. 


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