2023 Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Conference

March 5-7, 2023 • Cincinnati, OH


 Are We Having Fun Yet? Giving Our Children the Freedom to Play

Social communication development, pragmatic skills, play checklists, and assessments are frequently incorporated into early intervention to work towards optimal outcomes for children who are deaf/hard of hearing. These tools are valuable components of a professional’s skill set and can provide structure and evaluative measures of progress. At the same time, the simple gift of play in everyday life may get lost in the process. Families benefit from working with early intervention providers who encourage everyday play and can explain its impact on language, relationships, developmental skills, and independence. This plenary session will provide examples of memorable activities that brought laughter and joy while being influential in the positive growth of deaf/hard of hearing adults. Keywords: Social-emotional, relationships, communication, language, parenting, play, independence

Presenter: Stephanie Olson

Stephanie Olson currently works as the Co-Director of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infusion with Hands & Voices Headquarters and is the Family Consultant at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She previously worked for the Colorado Home Intervention Program as a family facilitator. During 2009, she was part of a team from Children’s Hospital Colorado that traveled to London, South Africa, Brazil and New Zealand and presented on best practices in supporting families. Stephanie has presented at the International Family-Centered Early Intervention (FCEI) Austria, in 2012, 2014,2016, and 2018. She participated in the U.S. and Russian cultural exchange in 2015 and 2016 with Hands & Voices to increase the understanding and impact of Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in the parenting journey and professionals who work with those families.


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